We all have clothing or jewelry in our closet that we have never worn. Perhaps it was something that you picked up on sale or was given as a gift. You might be wondering why you don’t wear it. You know that you don’t like it for some reason. Chances are, that it is not your ‘wardrobe personality’. You ask, “What does that mean?” We all have a wardrobe personality, or some call it ‘personal style’. 
The jewelry for the ‘wardrobe personalities’ are:

Timeless Classic
Refined and simply designed pieces such as a strand of pearls or polished stones that can be oval in shape. Usually medium in scale. Pendants will be simply designed. 

This personality also likes pearls and polished stones, however, the look is much more bold. She prefers geometrics, large pendants, and those one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Feminine Romantic
You probably fit into this personality if you like layering necklaces in creative ways. You are a true accessory lover. You like it all with the exception of the geometrics or the rough stones. 

Casual Town & Country
You will usually like rough stones or ones that have a pattern in them making them appear textured. Shells, raw brass, copper, and stone chip necklaces are to your liking. 
Now you say, “Whoa, I can see myself wearing jewelry from several of these personalities”. And you are absolutely right. Most women are a combination of the personalities. For instance, you might like a strand of smooth beads or pearls with a flower pendant. So your personality would be a combination of the Classic and Romantic.